Convert Apple Watch into Fitness and Health Tracker [How to]

Another trick of Apple Watch.Do you want to treat your Apple Watch as Health Tracker? Do you want to track your fitness? Then I have written this guide for you and you are at the right place.

The Apple watch has got much to be explored as I have already told you. I am keeping the same trend on by sharing the most awesome and hidden features of your Apple Watch and today talking one of its feature again.

health and Fitness TrackerToday you guys are going to learn to use Apple Watch as Fitness and Health Tracker. Yes, you read it right! You can actually convert your Apple watch into Fitness and Health Tracker.

There are many features which are related to health and fitness and are linked with your Apple Watch. You simply need to put your eye on them and you’ll be tracking your health with ease.

Convert Apple Watch into Fitness and Health Tracker

So, here are the tricks which you need to apply in order to convert your Apple Watch into Fitness and Health Tracker. I have written this guide as simple as it could be, you simply go through the steps and get the conversion.

The tricks begin here.

Check Heart Rate

So, the first trick which can help you to track your Fitness and Health is about checking heart rate on Apple Watch. The Apple Watch actually, lets you to check your heart rate and that too by following some simple steps. I have already written a complete detailed guide on this topic which you may refer from below link.

Track Athletic Progress

This feature may be useful for many of the sportsmen out there which will be used for tracking your athletic progress and that too is present in Apple Watch. You need to apply these steps in order to track athletic progress of yours.

  • First of all, Launch the Activity app on your iPhone >> tap on History Tab and it will show you all your activities including Workout >> tap on Month view and it will show your all your activities monthly and weekly view.

Count Steps

This is another trick which is hidden in your Apple Watch. It let you to count your all taken steps. It will help you to take account of your complete day taken steps or for any particular moment. If you want to enable it for your Apple or want to count your steps.

  • First of all, Launch Activity app on your Apple Watch and head towards the Activity View. You may use Digital Crown to scroll down or up.
  • Now here you may see Count Steps icon where you could see your all taken steps.

Pair Up or Connect External Heart Rate Monitor with Apple Watch

Yes, you can actually pair up or connect external heart rate monitor with your Apple Watch. I am sure that this feature would be really helpful for many physicians out there and they are going to avail this feature for sure. As I have already said you that there are really awesome features in your Apple Watch which are yet hidden but I’ll be exploring them one by one.

Now, if you want to pair up external heart rate monitor with your Apple watch in order to see the report on your watch then follow these steps;

  • First of all, ensure that your heart rate monitor is working and then launch <str