Enhance Your Shopping Experience with DealGuru

By in Business, Techology, www_techtricksworld_com on February 17, 2015

AskMeBazar is the online Ecommerce website that acclimatizes an enhanced experience of shopping for all. It inbuilt the new shopping experience with the DealGuru platform with the exciting deals and offers availing online. AskMeBazar is widely known to all for their exotic deals and quality supply. But with the launch of DealGuru the shopping experience is enhanced more. DealGuru use to aid the entire sellers inventory with great discount and deals that possess enormous offers regarding the product.There is a proper process that uses to work behind every deal that is offered by the DealGuru. For more first understand the process how it uses to work given below:

How it use to Work

  • AskMeBazar use to review the product sample of the seller and after that identifies the best prices among the market. After that it uses to request the seller for the price and then product is launched to the DealGuru.
  • For DealGuru products, photo shoots and content is structured by the AskMeBazar.
  • All the orders are generated by the DealGuru and its delivery is done for the buyers.
  • After delivery confirmation call from the DealGuru is done.
  • After completion of the delivery successful amount post is transferred to the seller with the deduction of all the expenses and commission they have.
  • If there is necessity then DealGuru also provide and process return request.

In this manner the whole process take place for DealGuru. It is widespread now because of their excellent services. DealGuru is currently associated with the 900+ sellers with the 1000+ exotic deals. It uses to cover the categories like Fashion, Beauty, Electronics, Home Appliances and much more. These products contain following sub category:

  • Fashion includes bags, footwear, accessories and jewelry
  • Beauty includes perfumes and cosmetics
  • Electronics includes mobiles, storage devices and other accessories
  • Home Appliances covers all the utensils, irons, and storage containers etc.


Almost everything with excellent quality and best prices is available in DealGuru and it can be acclimatized easily by anyone.

DealGuru use to associate the sellers with the best product and try to optimize the 100% customer satisfaction. When it comes regarding the quality check then AskMeBazar use to cross check every product and if find everything set then deliver it to the user. It use to provide authenticity regar….