How to Brand Yourself as a Professional Writer?

Writing is an art of binding the interest of readers. It has such an immense potential of either turning the things in your favor or away from your readers. For example, if you do not avail the service of a professional writer for writing down a highly researched subject, it will surely turn your readers away. The best thing is that there is ample work for writers who have knowledge, skills and know how to brand themselves as a professional writer. I can’t think of any career option that gives comparably more options than this one. Therefore, if you have it in you, then sky is the limit.

Hence, before moving further, it is equally important for me to tell you what Branding is.

What is Branding?

Branding is a marketing strategy which helps you to gain a competitive edge over others by creating an advancement of your career and skills. It will indeed help you to achieve goals by equally assisting you in your career growth, by enhancing your reputation and making your own name in the ever increasing competitive world.

In such an intense competitive world, branding has become all the more important for you to get others know your mettle.

If you ask me for an example of a professional writer who has a great brand online, I would surely suggest you check out Kristi Hines. She is a professional writer and what a brand she has built over the time. You must follow her to learn many things when it comes to brand yourself as a professional writer.

Moreover here are a few tips which can help you brand yourself as a professional Writer:

brand yourself as a writer

Prepare a Portfolio

How can you overlook this important aspect? You are a great writer and many people know. But, portfolio offers that professional touch to your capabilities. It can come handy for you while having a meeting with your prospective clients.  Since, you need to showcase your past achievements which may be in the form of published articles on blogs newspapers, books etc. You can hire a specialized person for creating a top notch portfolio of yourself.

Be active on Social Media

In the age of social media, where everyone is out there on Facebook, you need to utilize this medium for branding yourself as a professional writer. You need to regularly update things which may be helpful to your readers like “writing tips”, “ideal charges for writing a certain post” etc. As you gain popularity, you will equally get a strong network of people with whom you are in touch. Social media is also quite beneficial for the obvious reasons that even “friends of friends” can view your page. Likewise, you can also register your presence by making a LinkedIn profile. Thus, it gives you far more exposure of branding yourself. It speaks volume about your professionalism which matters a lot.

Create a hangout and address queries of people

Professionalism is all about addressing the queries of people from the scratch. By having a live hangout, you will naturally help them with the queries. You will in turn enhance the ever increasing base in the process as well.

In short, you have to understand that you have to be available to the queries of people. Most of us in creating a profile, fail to include one of the important questions as to “Why they should choose your service?” Try to write extensive points which carve a niche for yourself. You need to be the best amongst the rest since you deserve the best as well. Similarly, you need to ascertain yourself, like what is the perception which people hold for you. How people know you in terms of the characteristics which you possess. Similarly, the strength which you possess.

Read and write often

You need to share your ideas, thoughts as well as opinion which you highly love. This will make your readers eager to attract towards you. By writing extensively, you will continue to develop the interest of your readers which will go a long way in helping you to stand out from the rest.

How to carry yourself as a brand?

Besides the aforesaid tips which will help you to build a brand, it is equally important for you to continue to maintain your brand as well. Since, naturally you have spent your time and energy towards coming so far and you need to showcase your charisma with ….