How to Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Gallery

The Whatsapp images got saved on your phone’s gallery which will grab some amount of storage of your phone and many of you must don’t like it and it reveals their privacy too. Therefore, today I am sharing a guide with you which will be making you learn to understand that, “How to Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Gallery?”

 Whatsapp Images and VideosAdditionally, remember that you will be only hiding it not deleting it so you are going to lose them at all. Ones you have applied this trick then you will be ensuring the complete security and privacy of your Whatsapp images and videos and can easily make them private. You simply need to apply these steps in order to make it work from your side.

Learn-How to Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos From Gallery

So, here are the steps which you need to follow in order to hide Whatsapp Images and videos from your phone’s gallery and can easily maintain your privacy afterwards. Now without taking your more time I would request you to get towards the below steps to explore more about it.

Hide Whatsapp Images from iPhone Gallery

The first category of this article is hiding Whatsapp images and videos from iPhone’s gallery. So, if you have iPhone and you are using Whatsapp on it then follow these steps to make it work for your phone too.

  • First of all, go to Settings and tap on Privacy button.
  • After that, tap on Photos and then you will have different sources of Photos simply you need to look for Whatsapp and ones you found it then toggle it off.
  • Now your all Whatsapp photos will be hidden from there.

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Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Android Gallery

So, these steps are for the Android users. If you are an Android users and want to hide Whatsapp images and videos from your Android phone’s gallery then follow these steps:

  • First of all, Download any File Manager app on your Android phone which is required for this process. I would recommend you to download ES File Explorer.
  • Ones it is installed on your phone. You need to launch it and then go to SD Card under Home section and then tap on Whatsapp and after that tap on Media.
  • Afterwards, there you will be able to see a Whatsapp Images folder. You simply tap on that folder for few seconds and then you’ll have some options, tap on rename and then you need to put ( . ) in front of that folder’s name, it would be look like this; .Whatsapp Images
  • Now the Whatsapp images will be hidden from your Android phone, in order to revert the