How to Make Phone Calls Using Your Apple Watch

Another trick of Apple Watch. Want to Make Phone Calls using your Apple Watch? Then this article is just written for you. I have received many queries which are confusing the Apple watch users that they want to make phone calls using their Apple Watch.

make phone calls,Therefore, I think that I should write on this topic in order to clear all the concerns of such users. So, if you are also one of them who are facing the same issue or wanting to make calls using your Apple Watch then simply go through the below steps which are written for you.

Make Phone Calls Using your Apple Watch

So, here I have gathered the steps which you guys need to apply from your side. And ones you have applied them then you can easily start making phone calls using your Apple Watch.

I am sure that ones you have made it then it will give you more happiness and will enhance your calling experience. Since, it will bring some more convenience in your calling experience.

Follow these steps to make calls on your Apple Watch.

Method 1) Make Phone Calls Using Siri

This is the first method which you need to apply in order to make phone calls on your Apple watch. Actually, the Siri will do this work. Simply follow these steps;

  • You need to say Hey Siri or Press and Hold Digital Crown on your Apple Watch in order to Open Siri.
  • Then you need to ask Siri to call any of your mate. For example ask Siri that ” Call Vinay”.
  • Ones it’ll reorganize your order then it will start calling your Friend. However, remember to call any of your mate, it must be saved in your contact book.

Method 2) Make Phone Calls Using Phone App

The Phone App is by default present on your Apple Watch which you may use to make phone calls on your Apple Watch. Simply follow these steps for availing this method.

  • First of all, Launch Phone app on your Apple Watch from menus.
  • After that, Choose Favorites, Recents or Contacts.
  • Then you need to tap on your friend’s name to whom you want to call.
  • Enjoy Calling.

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