How to Protect Blog Content from Being Copied on WordPress

Are you the copying victim? Is somebody stealing your blog content and you are curious about it? Then you do not need to worry anymore. I am sharing a guide with you guys which will be helping you to protect Blog content from being copied.

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The Content is one of the most essential part of any blog as in blogging we call content a King. So, it is very much important for us to keep our king secure from being stolen. Every sensible blogger knows that copying any content is not going to help you to survive in blogging for long.

The Copying can help you to get some cents initially but ultimately you are not going to earn a dignified name or fame. Since, the copycats are e-thieves.

We need to save our content from being copied and have stop the redistribution of our contents without our permission. As the copying can definitely affect your blog’s readability at some extent. Therefore, you need to protect your blog’s content.

The trick or method which I am sharing here are especially for WordPress users. The WP users can apply these tricks of mine to save their content from copycats.

Why to Protect Blog Content

This question do come in the mind of many that, why to protect blog content from being copied? Actually, there are various reasons which compel any sensible blogger to protect its blog content. I am mentioning some of the reasons here.

It affects your blog’s readability and hits the credibility of your blog. You must stop the copying of your content in order to maintain the same credibility of your blog and to prevent your readers from being divided. As when someone copies your content then it grabs some of the readers too which will be affecting your blog’s traffic.

So, to stop such dividing practices you need to apply this guide in order to protect blog content and that is the reason that I am writing it here for many of the victims out there.

Protect Blog Content from Being Copied on WordPress

So, here are the simple consequences which you need to apply in order to protect your content from evils of blogging. You need to go though these steps and you are done. Now without taking your time more I would request you to move towards the steps.

  • First of all, go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Then you need to Install WP Site Protector on your blog. It will help you to protect your blog content from being copied. It simply takes the complete responsibility of content protection. So, you don’t need to work really hard in terms of content protection, it will do everything by itself.
  • The rest work will be done by this plugin. Furthermore, you may ask your readers too for keeping you aware from the redistribution of your content over different blogs. This will help you to take according action on that note.

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