How to Re-Order Clock Faces on Apple Watches

Want to re-order or arrange clock faces on Apple Watches? By default iPhone does not provide you service to re-order the clock faces. However, in this article I am sharing a method with you guys which will help you to perform this task with ease.

Re-Order Clock Faces, Apple TrickThis may seems little complicated to many of you guys out there But, I have tried my best to make this as simple as it can be. So, you need to refer this simply guide and then you can easily re-order clock faces on your Apple Watches. So, start exploring more about your watch here.

Re-Order or Arrange Clock Faces

So, here are the steps which you guys are supposed to follow. I would recommend you to go through the steps correctly in order to avoid any kind of mistake which you may come across while applying them. Now, without taking much time of yours I would request you to get towards the steps;

The steps begin here;

  • First of all, make the list of all Clock Faces which you want and also decide the order for them that which you want in left, center and right side.
  • After that Press Firmly the Clock Face to get the options.
  • Now, swipe the end right to get the Plus + button and ones you get it Click on it.
  • Afterwards, use Digital Crown to select the Crown Face which you want and then tap the Clock Face to set it. Now, set all the Faces one by one in the same order in which you want them to arrange.
  • Now, it will arrange all the faces accordingly. You may also delete the all set Faces manually to make it simple again or to replace the list. You may refer our below guide for that.

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This was our guide for you which you may apply from your side. I am 100% sure that this guide would have been proven helpful for many of the users out there. If you have any kind of queries left related to this guide then share your q