How to Stop Google Chrome Automatic Opening on Mac

Is Google Chrome is automatically Opening on your Mac? Want to Stop Google Chrome from being automatically opening on your Mac?

I know you must be as it is really irritating. So, if you are also the one who don’t like the automatic opening of Chrome on your Mac and want to stop it as you don’t always want to surf while you open your Mac. Then I am going to share a guide with you which will be making you learn to stop Google Chrome automatic opening.

Stop Google Chrome,You must need this to stop as I have mentioned above that we don’t always open our Mac to surf internet and on that time opening of Chrome automatically can really annoy us and then it would take much time for us to manually close it for every time when we don’t need it.

Stop Chrome Automatic Opening on Mac

So, here are the steps which you need to follow in order to stop chrome from being automatically opening. Now, without taking your much time I would request you to get towards the below piece steps;

the steps begin here;

  • First of all, Launch Google Chrome on your Mac OS X; if you have not opened it yet or it is not present on your Doc.
  • If it is present on your Doc, then right Click on Chrome’s icon and Click on Options Menu and then you’ll have some more options.
  • From those options, you need to Uncheck the option, Open at Login.
  • Now, this will not open Google Chrome on every time when you open your Mac.

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This was our guide which I can be used for stopping chrome from being automatically opened. I am sure that it would have been proven helpful for many of the users out there. If you have any kind of questions or confusions left related to this article then do let me know.