MobiKin Assistant for iOS

A device which run on iOS like iPhone, iPad or iPod is considered as one of the best in class gadgets. They have got excellent looks, features, and security. While on hand security is a good thing but, at the same time it acts as a limitation. Apart from that, no matter how latest iOS device you are using, you will always end up with a low storage problem. With so many security limitations of iTunes, the need for an easy to use iOS transfer is increasing day by day. That is the reason that MobiKin Assistant for iOS is in the market.

MobiKin Assistant for iOS is world’s 1st Mac desktop application which is capable of copying and saving files like photos, videos, eBooks, songs, Podcasts, Playlist etc. from iPad, iPod or any iPhone to a Mac computer. The best part of the software is that there is no quality loss during the whole process of transferring files.


Backing up of data is an important aspect in today’s life where losing a data means losing a significant part of one’s life. Nowadays we carry so much important data on our smartphone that if it gets lost, one can get poor or even unemployed. So, backing up of data be it for iOS or Android, is a desirable thing.

Key Features of MobiKin Assistant for iOS:

  • MobiKin Assistant for iOS allows you to export music, photos or videos on your iPhone, iPad, iPod to your Mac and manage these files on your Mac computer in any desirable way you want. You can even transfer music from iPod to Mac by using this tool and this tool works perfectly fine with another kind of files too like videos, photos and albums. It also allows you to add or delete and kind of new folder or file on your iOS device by using Mac directly. You can even re-sync the backed music and files to any of your iOS device by using iTunes and that too free of cost.
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