The Era of Cloud Computing

Just imagine that you are an executive in a big company and you responsibility is to provide all the hardware and software to all the employees. You will not buy a computer for everyone, also you will have to purchase software to give employees the tools they need. Also, whenever there is a new employee, you will have to buy more software. You can also keep a check on whether the current software license allows another user or not. Well, this task is tiring and also it needs a lot of time to manage it

Well, there is no need to worry as there is a solution for this problem. Instead of buying or installing software for each computer, you will just have to load one application. By using this application, your workers will just have to log into a web- based service which can host all the software and programs. This application is called Cloud Computing.


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing refers to storing and accessing you data over the internet instead of your own system. In Cloud computing large groups of remote servers are connected to allow centralized data storage and online access to data. Cloud Computing removes pressure from the one system which handles all the software, instead it is handled by the networks of the computers that make up the cloud. We all have used Cloud Computing in a way or another. Gmail, Hotmail and other web based services are the perfect example of Cloud Computing as by using them we do not run the e-mail program on our system instead we log in to a web based e-mail account remotely. The details of our account and the data on the email is not stored on our PC but on the service’s computer cloud so that any one from any place can access it whenever he/she wants.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

  • Low Cost: There is no doubt that it is actually the most efficient method to use. Instead of buying different software licenses, then buying again for new employees can cost a lost. Cloud service is available at much less price and is also easy to maintain and use.
  • Unlimited Storage: While using a PC, the fear of storage is always there. System’s storage can run out at any time but when we talk about Cloud Computing the case is not same. Cloud Computing offers almost unlimited storage depending on the money you are paying for it.
  • Backup and recovery: When you are using Cloud Computing, there is no need to worry about you data. It can be backup any time and it will never ever gets lost. Your own PC can get defective, its hard disk can get corrupt but a cloud computing service can never be affected. Many cloud service providers offers some amazing backup and recovery features. Click here for Cloud Solutions
  • Ease of Use: Data on cloud can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. You just need an internet connection. You can access this data on your PC, on your office PC and even in your smartphone.

Well, everything comes with a cost. Cloud Computing has got few disadvantages too.

  • Technical Problem: If there is a minor problem in the cloud computing, it affects the whole network. Also, you need a good internet connection to use this service.
  • Risky: By using Cloud Computing, you are sharing the entire data of your company with a third party which can be misused at any time.


If used in a proper and cautious way, Cloud Computing can help to boost your business.