Top 10 Best Websites for Engineering Students

Are you a Engineering Student? Looking for best sites for engineering topics, books and projects? I know its bit tough task for you to find which site is best and where you can get all the things you want. For this here in this article specially for engineering students we decided to have a list of best websites for engineering students. May be you are electronics student, Mechanical, Computer science or any other stream the sites listed below will help you for sure.
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Top 10 Websites For Engineering Students

So, here are the sites which we have gathered for students of Electrical, Computer, Petroleum, Civil, Telecom and all other stream’s student. We are sure that these sites are going to be really for you for sure. Now, without taking much time of yours, we’d recommend you to go through the below sites.

1- Science Direct

The most Important thing for students is books. And you cant buy every book that you need. Simple solution for this is ebooks. Yes! ebooks are best, easy and also available for free. Here in this site Science direct you can get the books you want for free of cost.

2- MIT Open Course

MIT Open Course is a best site where you can download the particular course material, books you need, Audio/Video Classes and Much more!

3- How Stuff Works

If you are one who want to know How Everything Works? Then How Stuff works is perfect site for you. Here you can find thousands of topics, How they work with videos and illustrations. If you want to be perfect engineer then I suggest you to follow this site daily.

4- Engineering Tool Box

This is one the best sites for all your engineering tools. you can grab books, Videos, PPts, Project topics and much more. It is a complete pack for students and you should have an eye on it.

5- New Boston

This site is completely for Video and Tutorials. You can learn a lot from this. I regular follow this site. If you want to get good command over Photoshop, Maths. Computer science and much more then this is really for you.

Some More Best Sites to Follow for Regular Updates

6. W3 Schools