Top 10 Best Websites for Medical Students for Research and News

Medicos have a lot of syllabus and lot more to keep in mind which needs a lot of memory power. However, we cannot help with the fact that working hard is the only solution but, here, are some very useful and best sites which are used by millions of medicos in order to make their work easy.
 Websites for Medical Students, top 10
Furthermore, today we are going to share top 10 best websites for Medical students which can be used for research, study materials and news. You may use it smartly as well, in order to ensure easy approach to your queries. So, get to the sites and select which suits you most.

Top Ten Websites for Medical Students

So, here are the top 10 websites for medical students which are gathered by us. These all websites are really best and can be used for various relevant purposes. You are bound to use any one site from below list, you may use all of them to gather some best data for yourselves. Now, without wasting your time, I would request you to get to the below piece of writing.

1- Medical Student

This is the top website used by millions of medical students across the world which provides with the best information. This free and incredibly comprehensive site provides links to online medical textbooks, medical journals, continuing education/board exam information, and more.

2- Medscape

This site provides with several materials, news and information. This site also provides communication between students of several universities.

3- Medical Mnemonics

This is the best site for almost all medico students.Any student who has tried to memorize lots of information knows how helpful mnemonics can be. This resource offers handy ways to remember all that medical information.

4- eMedicine

eMedicine is undoubtedly one of the most awesome, free medical references available online. Its website has been upgraded recently to feature printer-friendly pages and faster navigation. All of their articles cover every aspect of both Internal Medicine and Surgery and are extensively peer-reviewed before publication.

5- MedicalMatrix

Medical matrix is similar to medical student. This medical site is a source of links to all free (and paid) online textbooks, medical journals, CME and lots more. MedicalMatrix is more thorough and offers specific links based on specialty i.e. clicking on Anatomy will return links to textbooks, journals, news, practice guidelines, cases, image repositories, CME, forums and patient education regarding Anatomy only.

6- MomMD

The MomMD mostly covers the areas related women health. It has too many materials related to women medical health. You can find too many awesome and helpful content there with complete ease. It also provides content for Pre-medical students.

7- Doctors Hangout

Doctors hangout provides an interface where all the medical students can gather and have a chat and discuss doubts and information. It is very useful when no other way turns up.

8- Forensic Medicine for Medical Students

This site offers a wealth of information for forensic medicine, legal medicine, and forensic pathology. You can easily find good number of forensic medical science related stuffs here. The all material is tested and checked by them.

9- Med-Source

Med-Source provides you with the resources you need to save time, and get some sleep during med school. Get all possible information and save your time.

10- Real Doctors

This is the last site which we have got for you guys. The Real Doctors site provides lots of tutorials bound in videos and audio files which are easy to download or access online. Additionally, that concept of tutorial distribution makes medical student understand things very easily.

Study and Reference Materials

These are some more sites which we have complimentary added here in order to treat our readers loyally. You may use these study resource site too for your medical studies. So, accept this compliment from our side.

1- Encyclopedia of Psychology

This site run by Jacksonville State University provides links to anything related to psychology. This is a complete library which provides you too many material related to Psychology.