Top 10 Best Websites to Learn English Online for Free

Learning English is one of the best decisions one can make in order to improve their communication skills. There are almost 300 million people in the world who speak English as a second language. Learning English will also increase you confidence and you will also be able to impress your foreign clients or colleagues.

learn english online, websites, learning So, you have decided that you want to learn English, but don’t know from where? or you don’t want to go to some silly coaching who guarantee to teach you English in 4 weeks? if you answered “YES!” to any of the questions above, then this post is for you. We have listed top 10 best websites to learn English Online for free.

Top 10 Websites To Learn English Online for Free

So, here are the sites which you could use to learn English online for free. These are really trusted and most effective website which could be proven helpful to polish the skills of your English language. You may refer any of the below site to polish your English.

1- BBC – English learning

Before Internet became popular people used to learn English from Radios. As we all know BBC is the most renowned radio channel and is translated into 30 different languages. Learn English by BBC emphasis on topics like- Grammar, pronunciation, business English, and they teach these well using there quizzes, downloads, and the vast community that they have made over the years. This website is the one that you should definitely try if you already know little bit of English.

2- How do you do? 


This is a simple, free, yet amazing website. You can practice English by talking to Non-native speakers around the world using Skype. This website acts a bridge between people who want to learn and practice English. Also you don’t have to waste your time on this site like you do on most language exchange website.

3- Second language on

This website has the best amount of English learning materials, tips, quizzes, grammar and vocab exercises. This website covers topics like: Beginning English, Intermediate English, Advanced English, Speaking, grammar and lesson plans for TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, etc.

4- English Central

This website has both free and paid account options. The website’s core is their video player, where students watch videos, learn vocab in-context of the video, and then speak using video as a model. The best part is that, they have a easy-to-use built-in tool called “intellicoach” that gives students feedback on their pronunciation.

5- Voice of America

There is a lot of information on this website. The best part is that they teach you fluent American English. You can learn by watching latest news related to World, USA, Business, Health, Education. etc. This will not only improve your English, but also increase your General Knowledge. This is a very very useful website.


This is a website for kids, but that does not mean adults can’t use it. This is an online game website that has games organized according to grade level. There are word and typing games to improve your English skills. This website was made for children learning but beginners can use it. The only set backs are that this website is not just for English so you will not get a huge quality of matter, and the main page of the website is a bit too much ad heavy.

7- Easy World of English (EWE)

Easy English World or EWE is one of the best websites to learn English online. They are known for teaching the best English grammar on the web. With very easy and quality courses on grammar they also offer pronunciation guide. You can learn to pronounce from very difficult words to all English alphabets. If you want to brush up your reading skills or vocabulary then they have a Readings page and also a Picture Dictionary to let you learn fast. PDF notes are also offered with some courses.


This website is not the most fancy one, but they have quality content and no ads. Mainly known for their quizzes, puzzles, and crossword, this website offers you with more than hundred vocab lists and more than 20 games to play with each one of them. Students can even browse links to YouTube videos, work with English proverbs and match defini….