Top 6 Cool Tips and Tricks of Apple Watch

I have shared different sort of cool tricks of Apple Watch and today I have listed some of the top 6 cool tips and tricks of Apple Watch which you may apply from your side.

Cool Tips and Tricks, apple watch

I am listing the top tricks here in order to arrange some of the best tactics of your gadget in one place. I am sure that ones you have gone through these awesome tricks then you’ll be getting much out of your Apple gadget.

The list of these tricks are listed and crafted for you below;

Cool Tips and Tricks of Apple Watch

So, here are the tricks which you guys need to follow in order to apply these cool tips and tricks of Apple Watch. Now, without taking your time more I would request you to get towards the tricks to explore more about it.

Setup Apple Watch

After getting our Apple Watch, we first want to setup it and that is the point where most of the users are getting stuck. Therefore, I am adding this trick here for those who don’t know the method of setting it up.

So, if you are also the one who want to setup your Apple Watch then I have written a complete guide on it which will help you out in it. You simply need to refer our below link.

Guide: Setup Apple Watch

Make Phone Calls on Apple Watch

So, are you the one who want to make phone calls on Apple watch? If your answer is Yes, then  this trick of mine is going to helpful you out in it.

You can actually make phone calls using your Apple watch and that is the simple task as well. You only need to follow some steps and you are all the way through it. In order to get the detailed guide of it, refer our below guide.

Guide: Make Phone Calls on Apple Watch

Send Sketches to your Contacts

There are many people who are fond of sketching using different means and Apple watch also allows you to do so. The complementary is that it also allows you to share or send that sketch to your contacts.

It is a quite simple and easy job. You first need to create a sketch and then select your friend to whom you want to send it and that is done. However, to get the complete steps and detailed explanation of it I have written a complete guide on it too, simply refer it to remove your queries about it

Guide: Send Sketch to your Contacts

Use Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

Some people are disturbing you? And you want to get rid off them or want to be covered then Do Not Disturb tag is there on your Apple Watch. You can actually put this tag on and you’ll be invisible.

I am sure that most of you are not aware of it and really want to hide yourselves from others. So, if you are among those then this guide is going to help you out for sure. Simply refer the below link to access the guide.

Guide: Use Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

Check Heart Rate

This is another trick of Apple Watch which I am sure you’ll love to apply on yourself and others. It is really an awesome activity to do and you’ll love to do so.

Like the other tips, it is also the simple one which is based on simple steps which you need to follow. You need to follow our below guide to explore and know more about it.

Guide: Check Heart Rate on Apple Watch

Convert Apple Watch into Health Tracker

The last trick which I have