Which Printer Is Right for You?

By in Business, Techology, www_techtricksworld_com on February 8, 2015

Printers can be the nemesis of many people whether individuals or in business and valuable time is wasted in arguing with printers that jam or simply refuse to print. Tempting as it is to go for the cheapest option, if printing is a requirement on a daily basis then it is important to look at what your requirements are from a printer. A good printer will last the course and is a worthwhile investment. Multifunction printers are now equipped to have one ink cartridge supply for all its needs, making these machines a cost effective and useful tool.

Business Users

You’re going to be relying heavily on a printer and a multifunction printer is always a wise choice. Modern printers encompass a range of functions such as photocopying, faxing and scanning all in one machine. You may not use faxes too much in this electronic age, but you can guarantee there will be a time you need one when you haven’t got one. Also, a combined machine is space saving and cost efficient by powering one machine instead of four. The Epson Work Force Pro series of business inkjet printers is an excellent choice for multifunction printers. These machines are compact, print on both sides, have the added benefit of WIFI and the ink cartridges are easily accessible to clean and replace. Dual paper trays are beneficial and the Epson WorkForce Pro series are faster and more efficient than their laser counterparts


With a touch panel for easy operation and simplicity, these machines will weather a busy office’s needs.

Individual Users

The needs of a home printer will depend on who will be using the machine. If there are teenage

children with school projects to complete, then a printer’s use will be heightened. With more and more people now communicating online, printing has been reduced significantly. Printers for the home are much smaller, but it is still worth investing in a multifunction machine with a wireless function as this will support other computers in the house, great for homework projects now that more and more schools are requiring word processed work. Printers are no longer the cumbersome objects they once were and multifunction printers are neat and compact and can be stored neatly under a desk. Perfect if space is at a premium. A scanner and a copier will never go unused with children.

Whether business or personal, the best printers are those with multifunctional uses. We are all using home computers more and with many homeworkers in the UK, the days of arguing with a printer, paper jams and expensive cartridges are long gone.